Walking for Fun and for Health

I never knew that walking could be so enjoyable. When I started, 4 years ago, I used to listen to the Daily Magic CD by Tony Robbins, a bonus CD from his Get the Edge audio program. It is a combination of breathing exercises, affirmations, visualizations and music. I loved listening to that CD and I would look forward to taking a stroll just so that I could listen to it. I even learnt to create my day and to plan my future.

It is now as much a part of my daily routine as showering or brushing my teeth.

Benefits of Walking

  • It clears my mind
  • It energises me
  • It cheers me up and enables me to look forward to the rest of my day
  • It is exercise, which keeps my heart healthy and has many other health benefits.
  • It gives me time to: visualize my goals, say affirmations, listen to motivational audio books, listen to music or to study. This has greatly improved my listening skills.
  • This time is quality time for me
  • It costs nothing.

Walking Shoes

Always wear comfortable shoes with arch and heel support to avoid the pain of heel spurs .

My Walking Routine

I tend to be at my best in the mornings so it was easy for me to set up a routine at that time of the day. I go for a stroll as soon as I wake up. You may prefer to do so during other times of the day. If you like listening to music then load your favourite music onto your ipod. Make sure that the music is cheerful happy music. Better still use the Daily Magic CD. After a while you will find that you won't even need to listen to anything.

I live in the London Bridge area, in England, near the River Thames. I sometimes go along the river from Tower Bridge through London Bridge, Southwark bridge, Millenium Bridge to Blackfriars Bridge and back to London Bridge. I especially enjoy this route during the summer. Sometimes I go to nearby suburbs or parks. I make it a point to vary the route so that I never get bored.

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