Raw Food Recipes

When I came across this book I didn't know just how varied and delicious raw food recipes could be.

Title: Living on Live Food
Author: Alissa Cohen
Type/Format: Paperback
Publisher: Cohen
Published: 2004
Edition: 1st

Who the book is for

This book is for those who are just starting out on the raw food diet and those who wax and wane going back to cooked foods and then returning to living foods. It is also for those who seek variety in their food.

About the Book

The book is in three parts. In Part I the author:

  • Describes her own struggle with chronic fatigue, yeast infections and weight gain. The symptoms partly disappeared when she ate lots of fruit and vegetables and they completely disappeared when she went 100% raw.
  • Tells you what raw and living foods are and describes their health benefits.
  • Describes how theses foods maintain the acid-alkaline balance.
  • Tells you where you can shop for raw and living foods.
  • Describes the equipment (food processor, blender, juicer and dehydrator) that you require. She points out that you don't need to spend a lot of money to equip your kitchen.
  • Guides you into taking the first steps and gives you a four week shopping and food preparation guide. She also tells you which foods can be eaten together and which should be eaten alone.
  • Goes into what to expect after each week in terms of health, energy and weight loss.
  • Discusses the importance of other activities such as exercise, sleep and meditation.
  • Provides answers to frequently asked questions such as:Where you get your protein and calcium from.What to do when you eat out.How many meals to eat a day.
  • Provides testimonials from real people who have been on this diet for years. There is even a testimonial from Shazzie, a well-known proponent of raw foodism in the UK.

Part II of the book is dedicated to a wide variety of scrumptious raw food recipes ranging from dips and spreads to recipes that mimic traditional dishes but consist only of living foods. She has recipes for raw cheeses, creamy sauces, pizzas, breads, chips and crackers all from raw foods. She has recipes for salads and salads dressings, desserts and drinks. There are colour photographs of some of the dishes and it is hard to believe that they have not been cooked.

The last Part of the book lists resources such as:

  • Where to get appliances and supplements. She is the distributor.
  • Where to source raw and living foods
  • Raw food restaurants
  • Recommended reading
  • Raw food recipes
  • Websites providing additional information.

Most of the resources are based in the US but some of the websites are based in other countries and they supply food as well as equipment.

What I liked about the book

This is a very readable book and the author's enthusiasm is quite infectious. She spent a lot of time developing raw food recipes that look and taste like cooked foods that we are used to. For example, you can use a spiral slicer to create angel hair pasta from raw courgettes/zucchini. You can then eat the pasta with raw marinara sauce. There is a recipe for something that looks and tastes almost like tuna but is made from sprouts and almond butter.

I particularly liked the wealth of information, the author's use of real live examples and the testimonials that stress the health benefits associated with the raw lifestyle.

About the Author

Alissa Cohen is an internationally recognized author, speaker, and raw food chef and consultant. She is also a Fitness Trainer, Nutritional Consultant and Mind-Body Therapist.

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