Raw Food Recipes

Changing to a raw food diet can be quite daunting. You have to arm yourself with raw food recipes and plan your meals so that they are varied. If you plunge into it as I did, you may find yourself eating the same foods over and over again. I was eating mainly salads, fruit, smoothies and nuts and after a while I began to go off them. Little did I know that I could make foods that tasted just like pizza or barbecue chicken or even looked and tasted like savoury beef dishes.

However, I was doing so well on this diet that I had to find a way to add more variety into it. The following are the resources that I discovered. I recommend Russell James because he shows you step by step how to prepare delicious food at home using his video-based instruction course. Alissa Cohen takes you through an easy transitional process. Shazzie does the same and she includes several detox programmes. Gabriel Cousens gives you a lot more detail.

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