Plantar Fasciitis or Heel Spurs

Following the problems that I had with swelling feet I developed plantar fasciitis, a condition that causes excruciating heel pain. It felt as though I had a sharp rock under the heel and I always felt as if a nerve or blood vessel was about to snap in the sole of the foot. The pain was worst first thing in the morning.

The condition is apparently common in people who do a lot of walking and jogging. It is also common in older people and is due to calcification of the heel bone. Protrusion of the bone pokes the fibrous sheath (or plantar fascia) connecting the bone to the toes. This causes the inflammation responsible for the pain. The protruding bone is known as a heel spur. 

There are heal seats and pads that can very quickly stop the pain. Some of them gradually correct the problem.

I found instant relief with heel seats. They are placed inside the shoes to cushion and provide support for the heels and arch of the foot. Pain relief was almost immediate and within three months the heel spurs had disappeared. 

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