Lifelong Sobriety

Title: Lifelong Sobriety
Subtitle: How to Stop Drinking And / Or Using Drugs
Author: Bajeerao Patil
Type/Format: Paperback
Publisher: BRPBooks
Published: 2013
Edition: First

Who the book is for

This book is for anyone struggling to free themselves from alcohol and / or drug addiction. I believe that it would be extremely useful to those in the grip of gambling, food or other less obvious addictions. In particular, the families of those with addictions and healthcare practitioners would benefit from reading the book.

About the Book

The author has obviously had extensive and first-hand experience with individuals suffering from alcohol and drug dependencies. He gives you very valuable insight into the personality and mind of an addict: the defiance, the tendency to lie and steal, the anger, the impulsive and grandiose behaviour. The information in the book is backed by numerous case studies that demonstrate behaviour with which readers will be familiar. The author argues that unless you actively tackle the emotions (such as grief, fear, anxiety and anger) associated with addictions you may never free yourself from an addiction or your recovery from addiction may not be permanent. Lifelong Sobriety encourages you to accept that you are an addict, take responsibility for and commit to your recovery.

What I liked about the book

  • It is a quick and easy read   
  • There are questions at the end of each chapter to reinforce the author’s message. Some of the questions force you to do some soul-searching by getting you to list your own experiences and behaviours
  • The case studies which really demonstrate the nature of addiction, its destructive nature and the typical personalities of those with dependencies
  • The author’s use of metaphors to demonstrate the need for certain actions
  • The advice to addicts to ensure successful weaning. I especially liked the advice to stop being around drinking or drug buddies and the advice to formulate a long term plan for recovery.
  • Towards the back of the book, there is a long list of organisations that can support you in your recovery and these include Alcoholics Anonymous and Cocaine Anonymous
  • I learnt a lot about addictions and learning is one of the reasons I read books

What I didn't like

  • You are encouraged to change the way you think, to make well-informed decisions, to handle anxiety, to stop procrastinating, to avoid arguments and so on but you are not told how to do this. I am not sure if this is something you learn in rehab
  • I was a bit bewildered by the case study of the married couple Tariq and Tracey both of whom had serious anger issues. According to the author Tariq was a nice guy but Tracey was not and the implication seems to be that Tracey caused Tariq’s anger issues. Could it have been the other way round? Could Tariq have caused Tracey's anger?

About the author

Bajeerao Patil has been a drug and alcohol counsellor for over 24 years. He has Masters’ Degrees in Social Work and Human Resources and has extensive insight into the mind of an addict.

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