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Health and wellness is one of the most important aspects of self improvement.

For years I suffered from migraines, skin allergies, and high blood pressure. My blood pressure was initially controlled with diuretics. Then one day, the diuretics stopped working and my blood pressure shot up to scary levels. My doctor tried me on several types of medication and I suffered severe side effects including swelling of the feet.

By this time I had learnt to meditate and I had become a hypnotherapist with some useful self-hypnosis techniques. Through regular meditation I had become more relaxed and I had techniques to immediately change my physiology to more positive states. My blood pressure remained high even though I was still taking medication. I continued to suffer from allergies.

It was then I realised that my physical wholeness could not be achieved passively. I had to be more actively involved, starting with a complete lifestyle change.

Since I was allergic to so many food items I decided to start by changing my diet. I started with the food combining diet and gradually moved on to the alkaline diet . Even though I got rid of the headaches and the allergies became more infrequent I continued to have high blood pressure. I am now on the raw food diet 100%. I'd been toying with it for a while, adding components from the food combining and alkaline diets. I completely embraced the raw food vegan diet in April 2009.

The idea of becoming vibrant really appealed to me and I knew that I couldn't get that from a diet change alone. I needed to find an exercise that would be so enjoyable that I would look forward to doing it daily. I have always enjoyed walking and I now walk for exercise.


This is purely an information website. Use of the products or diets described here should be done with the approval of you doctor or health care provider.


Fitness for Self Improvement
Fitness to improve your self image, to feel better about yourself, to increase your self esteem and to make your smile a little brighter and increase your overall appearance.

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