Feast Without Yeast

Feast Without Yeast is a book with more than 200 tasty yeast-free recipes most of them specially designed for children.

Title: Feast Without Yeast
Subtitle: 4 Stages to Better Health
Author: Bruce Semon and Lori Komblum
Type/Format: Paperback
Publisher: Wisconsin Institute of Nutrition LLP
Published: 1999
Edition: First

Who the book is for

The recipes were designed for those with food intolerances and allergies and so are yeast-free and gluten-free with no artificial additives or preservatives. The authors came up with these recipes after watching their son change from a healthy 2-year old to a screaming, writhing 4-year old. He suffered migraines, gradually lost his speech, and his development ground to a halt. In time and by trial and error they discovered that he was sensitive to yeast products such as bread, fermented products such as vinegar, barley malt, gluten and milk products. Thy eliminated all these foods from his diet and stopped giving him any commercially produced foods. They noticed immediate improvements. The screaming and the migraines stopped. The authors specifically designed this diet for their son but found that it worked even for adults.

About the Book

The book is about eliminating yeast, moulds, preservatives, malted and fermented foods from the diet. It:

  • Explains the yeast/candida problem: 
    • How there is already yeast in the gut.
    • How we multiply the yeast in the gut by eating bread and other foods containing yeast
    • How the yeast in the gut produces toxic chemicals that are responsible for a wide variety of conditions
  • Explains how changing the diet has lasting health benefits without any side effects
  • Lists the conditions that will improve on this diet. They include headaches, diarrhoea, constipation, skin problems, ADD and ADHD, asthma, and food allergies.
  • Lists the foods that should be eliminated from the diet. These include fermented foods, mouldy foods, yeast, sugar, gluten, milk and processed meats.
  • Describes a four-stage change in diet in which elimination of toxic foods is gradual. At the same time tasty, nutritious food is added to the diet.
  • Promotes a primarily vegetarian lifestyle although there are some meat recipes
  • Gives a detailed four-stage process for changing the foods that children eat
  • Has a large variety of recipes ranging from salad dressings, soups, salads, rice dishes, bean dishes, vegetable dishes, desserts and yeast-free breads

What I liked about Feast Without Yeast

The fact that this book was written with children in mind and that the recipes were designed for children is very appealing. It is very difficult to get a child to start eating more healthily but the meals are truly a feast without yeast.

Being aware of the problems caused by yeast, I like any book that reinforces the message that yeast is responsible for many common ailments and that these ailments can be wiped out with dietary changes.

What I did not like

The authors recommend the use of a prescription anti-yeast drug called nystatin which they say is non-toxic. However, like most medications it has side-effects. There are natural products with no known side-effects, like Pau D'arco tea.

About the Authors

Bruce Semon is a Child Psychiatrist and a Nutritionist with many published papers on Nutrition. He has treated many patients for yeast-related illness. His wife, Lori Kornblum, is an Attorney.

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