Detox your world

Title: Detox Your World
Author: Shazzie
Type/Format: Paperback
Publisher: Rawcreation Limited
Published: 2003
Edition: 2nd

There are quite a number of ways of detoxing your body for health and this book provides a method based on eating raw foods.

Who the book is for

This book is for those who want to achieve vibrant health. It is for those who are aware or suspect that their illnesses and allergies might be due to what they eat. It is about ridding your body, your environment and your clothing of the myriad of toxins that cause illness, sap your strength and drain your body of energy.

About the Book

This book is based on the author's own search for a way to gain energy and become more healthy. It is mainly about detoxing but there is a raw food recipe section. The author:

  • Describes the toxicity of the typical western diet and the inability of the body to process the toxins on a long-term basis.
  • Describes the common illnesses and symptoms that occur when the body is trying to cleanse itself.
  • Describes the foods that support the body's cleansing efforts. These are raw foods (greens and other vegetables, fruit, nuts, seeds, green superfoods). She explains how you can eat these foods in any amounts, without counting calories while still cleansing your body, losing weight and reversing the ageing process.
  • Describes how to gradually replace the food that you are used to, with the raw foods that promote and support your health.
  • Tells you what to expect when your body starts to cleanse.
  • Provides a 3-day detox plan for those who have never done it before and a 7-day chakra rejuvenation plan. The one you choose depends on your current diet.
  • Touches upon fasting and its benefits.
  • Looks at the effect of toxins such as alcohol, coffee, skin care and dental products and suggests alternative non-toxic products.
  • Discusses the ability of plants to absorb toxins from the air that you breathe and shows you how to use plants to purify your surroundings.
  • Looks at the contents of tap water and discusses the importance of filtering it.
  • Urges you to find alternatives for household cleaning items and to even consider making your own.
  • Discusses techniques such as meditation, yoga, breathing and colon cleansing to assist you on your path to health.
  • Includes the success stories of 6 people (including herself).

The raw food recipe section occupies a quarter of the book. There are recipes for smoothies, vegetable and fruit juices, drinks, soups, salads, dips and dressings, puddings and desserts, alternatives for dairy products. There are also many enjoyable main meals.

What I liked about the book

Throughout the book, after each topic, the author lists references, resources and websites where the reader can get additional information or find out about therapies and products discussed in the book. The tone of the book is conversational, sometimes mildly reproving (if you take alcohol or smoke) and often quite blunt. However, the author gently guides you into changing your food choices and shows you how to make the food delicous and filling so that you don't crave the cooked variety. The book contains a lot of very useful and difficult-to-find information. You will find yourself referring to it again and again.

About the Author

Shazzie is the Managing Director of Detox Your World, an online store for all things raw. She is also an author and artist who has had years of experience researching and trying out this way of eating.

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