Candida Diet

Proponents of the Candida Diet now include certain members of the medical fraternity. Keaton [4], a Consultant Physician at the Biolab Medical Unit in the UK, agrees that there is a condition, characterised by a number of symptoms, which improves dramatically on a diet low in carbohydrates, yeast-based and mould-based foods. He agrees that patients would have had symptoms for years and been subjected to a number of treatments without success. On this diet, there is spectacular improvement, noticeable within one month. Whilst Keaton is reluctant to link this condition with candida, even though it improves when yeast-based foods are eliminated from the diet, there are others who are adamant that it is caused by candida.

Antifungal Treatment

Doctors usually prefer to prescribe drugs than to recommend a diet change. Diet, as a treatment, tends to be underrated by doctors as they, conventionally, have not been trained in nutrition and often have an irrational fear that it may cause malnutrition [4]. Antifungal drugs are their drugs of choice but their success appears to be short-lived. Candida has been successfully treated with just diet and results are often apparent within a month[4]. This is better than having to suffer the side effects of antifungal drugs some of which seem to worsen the symptoms.

Foods to Avoid in the Candida Diet

In the Candida Diet, the foods to avoid include:
  • All yeast-based foods including:
    • Bread, bagels and bread rolls
    • Yeast-extract spreads
    • Alcohol
    • All fermented foods and drinks (including vinegar and malts)
    • Mushrooms
  • All sugar-based foods
  • Refined carbohydrates like white flour
  • Sugar
  • Sweets, biscuits, cakes
  • All sweetened foods (check the label)


For tasty yeast-free recipes see Feast Without Yeast. In the meantime:

  • There are breads made from almond flour, chickpea flour and coconut flour. Many recipes can be found on the internet. Some of these are really tasty. You can also use soda bread, chapati (roti), tortillas, crackers or rice cakes. Make sure you read the label. Some manufacturers will add yeast even to soda bread. Semon et al [6] have a whole section on yeast-free bread recipes.
  • Use lemon juice instead of vinegar.
  • Instead of alcohol and fermented drinks, use fresh fruit or vegetable juices.
  • Replace white flour with wholewheat flour.


This is purely an information website. Use of the products described here should be done with the approval of your doctor or health care provider.


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