Affirmations are statements that you can use to change core beliefs about yourself. Many of these core beliefs were cemented during your childhood. Parents or teachers might have made negative statements such as that you were clumsy or tone deaf or stupid. And so you grew up believing this about yourself. Over the years, you may even have found yourself saying this, frequently, to yourself or to others. You were simply reinforcing the negative belief. These statements helped to create your self-image.

If you have a low self-esteem, lack confidence or are afraid to make changes in your life because you feel that you might fail then you've probably been saying this to yourself over and over again over a very long period. You can change these beliefs about yourself. Just as you repeatedly made negative statements about yourself that shaped your self-image, you can repeatedly make positive statements that change your limiting beliefs.

Affirmations are a very effective way of reprogramming your beliefs. To be effective they must be:

  • Positive
  • Stated repeatedly
  • Stated as if they have already happened
  • Short and specific

Examples of Affirmations

Negative Positive
I am clumsy. I am strong and focussed.
I always forget. I have an excellent memory.
I am stupid. I have a brilliant mind and an excellent memory.
I have no money. I have all the money I need.
I'm not very good at Maths. I have always been good at Maths.
I'm tone deaf. I sing beautifully and harmoniously.
I don't have the guts to speak in public I am an excellent public speaker.
I easily catch colds. I am perfectly healthy and whole.
I hate doing exercise. I love exercising and look forward to it.
I have a low self esteem. I am confident and assertive.

Creating Affirmations

First identify the belief that you would like to change. Examine the negative statements that you make about yourself, to yourself or to other people. Convert these negative statements into positive ones. You may sometimes find that your inner voice continuously contradicts your statements. This is because, subconsciously, you do not believe them. In this case use statements that are more believable like:

  1. I now have an excellent memory.
  2. I am now earning --------- per month.
  3. I am becoming more confident and assertive.
  4. My singing is becoming more beautiful and harmonious.

Such statements might be more believable to your subconscious mind while at the same time telling it what it is you want to achieve. At a later stage you can then state them as if they had already happened.

Ways to Affirm

You should say your positive statements at least 10 times using any one of the following methods. You should also affirm at least 3 times a day and always make sure that you are completely relaxed. First thing in the morning or last thing at night are usually good times because you are drowsy and your inner voice is less active.

  • Say them out aloud
  • Say them inwardly
  • Write them out
  • Sing them

I tend to affirm inwardly when I am not alone. But I use all 4 methods daily. When singing, I change the words to my favourite songs. I usually sing in the bath or when I'm out walking. I find that writing them out is particularly effective. That may be because I am primarily visual and need to see the actual words.

Adding Visualisation

For more powerful results, use visualisation to make your goal more compelling. Using this method I usually start noticing results (changes within myself) within a very short time. 

How Results Come About

Let us assume that you would like to increase your monthly income. After using positive statements for one or two weeks, you may suddenly come across a job advert offering the kind of salary you would like. When this happened to me I had a very strong urge to apply. I got the job. Some years ago while desperately looking for accommodation I started using affirmations and visualisation. One day, while going through the accommodation section of the paper one advert just stood out. It sounded like the place I was looking for and I just knew I had to go and see it. The following day I moved in. When I was affirming about public speaking, I came across an article on Toastmasters Clubs and just knew I had to join. Sometimes the result will come in the form of a phone call or a chance meeting. 


Affirmations for Prosperity

For personal growth, affirmations may be the secret to your new life of prosperity, abundance, health, wealth and just pure happiness.

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